Residents were sent a leaflet from "Harrow Estates" (Redrow) about a proposal to build 500 new homes on the fields around Failand as set out on their website "sustainablefailand.co.uk"

This is not a planning application but an attempt to get the site made a development area under the new Local Plan.

DO NOT fill in the Feedback Form on their site - it is contrived with questions which prevent you from objecting to the proposal and channel you into giving answers which support it.

How to object

Email the Planners: planning.policy@n-somerset.gov.uk

Or write to the Planners:

Planning Policy Team
Post Point 15
First Floor
Town Hall
Walliscote Grove Road
BS23 1UJ

Email Liam Fox MP via his personal assistant ione.douglas@parliament.uk or write to him:

The Rt Hon Dr Liam Fox MP
House of Commons

You will probably get this standard reply but worth sending as he will tally objectors.

You can sign an online petition at: www.change.org

We recommend doing all of the above.


Design a "Hands off Failand Green Belt" placard and put it in your front garden, especially if you live in view of the fields.

Tell your neighbours how to object.


Wraxall and Failand Parish Council held a Zoom meeting on 2 February.  Watch the YouTube recording.

The issue is being discussed in the Failand Connected facebook group.

District Councillor Ash Cartman has posted a news item on his website.