FTTP (Gigaclear)

Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) is being rolled out by Gigaclear in Failand, Lower Failand and Abbots Leigh.  When live it will provide speeds up to 900Mbps irrespective of distance from the cabinet.

This is happening in Failand because speeds in parts of the village furthest from the green cabinet by the traffic lights fall below the 24Mbps definition of "Superfast Broadband".  It is happening in Lower Failand because the cabinet in Sandy Lane is not enabled for FTTC.

Fibre runs from the new small green cabinets installed around the village to a 'pot' with a black plastic cover outside each property.  This contains a plug ready to connect the property if the owner decides to subscribe.

You will certainly want to subscribe if you live in Lower Failand and currently have no broadband.  In Failand it is only an obvious choice if your current broadband service is too slow or unstable.

The Gigaclear service is more expensive than standard broadband and you are stuck with that one ISP, whereas with standard broadband you can choose any ISP.

www.gigaclear.net has a postcode checker.

www.gigaclear.com/homebroadband lists prices for 30Mbbs (£35), 300Mbps (£45) , 900Mbps (£75).

Installation involves running fibre from the 'pot' outside your house to where you want the router.  That could involve going across the lawn or up the drive and through an external wall above skirting level. This is easy if you want the router next to an external wall on the ground floor but you may need a private installer to go up into the loft and down to where you want the router.