A main reason to live in Failand is that is a quiet area, making it a good place to work from home.  Let's keep it that way.  At the risk that people might respond in a bloody-minded way by making as much noise at possible, some issues are:

  • Development.  Reasonably necessary work to refurbish or rebuild a dilapidated property is accepted but gratuitous extension of a perfectly ok property inflicts months of noise on your neighbours - consider moving house instead. Use good builders who make as little noise as possible with a no radio on site policy
  • DIY.  Most people do a bit of DIY but an enthusiast/nut is a pain to live next to.  Consider renting a workshop somewhere.
  • Dogs.  Most are reasonably quiet but a barky or whiny one needs to go on a training course.
  • Children.  Ok, we're not saying don't have them but playing at proper recreation sites is more fun for them and the neighbours.  It would be nice to see the area around the village hall developed as a play area with contingent improvement of the road crossing.
  • Radio.  Get earphones.
  • Power vacs and noisy garden tools.  Consider the db level when buying them.