Failand is suffering from a ridiculous amount of ratrun traffic heading along Flax Bourton Road and down Belmont Hill.  This is happening because satnav reckons the route up Portbury Lane and along Flax Bourton Road to Bristol Airport is a few minutes quicker than using the main roads, hence the large number of taxis.  It is only quicker if you know the route and there are no delays.

The main aim of the speed campaign was to get the speed limit around the triangle reduced from 40mph to 30mph.  This has evidently failed but the Parish Council has been claiming the slight extension of the 40mph limit as a significant achievement, which it is not.

The 40mph limit arose historically because there were only a few dwellings in Failand and they were on only one side of the road.  Now there are over 300 dwellings and residents cross the traffic flow hundreds of times a day:

  • Entering private drives on the main road
  • Entering minor roads off the main road
  • Crossing to the wood or public footpath network
  • Crossing to the bus stop
  • Going to the Village Hall, Lower Failand or Failand Church
  • Turning right into Flax Bourton Road
  • Entering the village shop

There should be a 30mph limit as almost every comparable village has.